Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

As in October, I think November will see records broken for calls made to our WILVOS Hotline for the month.  These Hotline calls were  actually not from bushfires.

Wildlife facilities such as  Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Eumundi RSPCA Wildlife, Wildcare and WILVOS have had only  a handful of animals from the bushfires.  Often in the following weeks a number of injured animals may turn up but even that isn’t happening.  It is still the drought and the hazards of development affecting our native animals.  All wildlife organizations are seeing a major increase in calls and patients.

The severe storms were just the last straw for our poor wildlife.  So many trees ripped out of the ground, so many orphaned chicks on the ground.  Little possum joeys came down with trees, and so many of these trees are permanently lost.  The impact on humans was devastating too.  Houses and cars smashed, people will be a long time recovering in some areas.

With a number of the chicks which came into care, they were found as the branches were being fed into big mulchers.  I picked up a little figbird from that scenario, and another carer has a tawny frogmouth nestling (she now has ten to care for!) which also had a near miss.  Being masters of disguise  the little tawny was missed until the last lucky minute.  Both chicks, along with many others, are now recovering with wonderful WILVO carers who have been run off their feet, but still find the energy to go out on a  rescue and  take on ‘just one more’.

Our WILVOS induction two weeks ago saw over twenty  keen people looking forward to learning about our unique Australian native animals.  WILVOS are always looking for people wanting to learn how to care for wildlife. We are always quick to explain that wildlife caring is not just an ‘event’ or ‘disaster’ situation.  We are busy caring for wildlife, and taking Hotline calls, 365 days of the year. With a great network of members there are always ‘babysitters’ when we go away on holidays!

Sometimes we really need that holiday!

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