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Firstly, thank you Kerry Brown.  You can be justifiably proud of producing the Sunshine Valley Gazette, a publication that has always been informative, educational, optimistic and entertaining.  Welcome Tanya and Cameron – we look forward to many more years of enjoyable reading.

This year has not begun well.  Australia goes from one disaster to another.  We have seen severe drought, bushfires, floods and now a declared pandemic with COVID-19.  It is a time to care for each other, family, friends and neighbours,  rather than making  the toilet paper supply  a priority.  We have had pandemics occur in Australia since the 1890’s but 2020 hopefully sees us being more prepared as a country, and more informed as individuals.  It is hoped this pandemic is short-lived. It is not only the health aspect.  It is  going to be devastating for so many people, as they try to make ends meet, financially and emotionally.

Our native animals continue to have their own struggles and WILVOS, through our Hotline 5441 6200, continue to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife regardless of world issues.  At the moment there seems to be  an influx of possum joeys.

The vegetation is now nice and juicy for possums to eat, but the impact of cars, dogs, cats and tree removal will always be there.  Trees  disappear fast with the ever increasing encroaching development.  Calling a new housing development something ‘Forest’ or something ‘Sanctuary’ is rather ironic as the area is bulldozed to bare dirt.

In direct contrast, we have the Maroochy RSL, whose staff go out of their way to look after the wildlife living in the  ‘concrete jungle’ of Maroochydore.  We were invited there for morning tea and again were surprised with a very generous donation.  Beautiful people.  They genuinely care about our native wildlife, purchasing nesting boxes for the lorikeets that are still living in the area.

It is inspiring to see people striving to improve conditions for native animals that are  living in a CBD. It gives us hope for the future. Thank you all.

Donna Brennan Wildlife Volunteers Assoc Inc (WILVOS) PO Box 4805 Sunshine Coast Mail Centre  Q  4560  PH  5441 6200  www.wilvos.org.au