Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

WILVOS had some lovely new members join on the weekend.  It was great to see so many people who just wanted to help our Australian wildlife in any way possible.  A number of new members said they’d be happy to volunteer their time on our Hotline 5441 6200 phone number,  and others said they’d love to pick up and transport animals to wildlife facilities.  This is all a great help as not everyone is able to take on the active caring role. Many of those that do may be very busy.

Those who want to become wildlife carers are very keen to begin with their training days on how to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife.  Noone is ever alone as assistance is always on hand.  There are always WILVOS carers who will take calls at any time day or night to help out fellow carers.

At the moment, there is an increased awareness of the serious predicaments being faced by our native animals.  People call our Hotline if they need a little reassurance or are worried about wildlife in their backyard.

This week, a motorist out near Moy Pocket stopped for a small echidna crossing the road.  Once off the road, as she approached, it started walking in circles so there was concern that there may be head trauma involved.  It is always best to check so this lovely lady drove the echidna through to the Eumundi RSPCA Wildlife Centre.  After being checked by the vet, I was phoned and was happy to take the little treasure into care until it increased its body weight.

It is in February that we start seeing the young echidnas emerging from their burrows.  It is a difficult world for them.  Their mother has been returning to the burrow about every ten days to give them a drink and then on her last visit she opens up the entrance and the youngster is on its own.  Way to bring them up tough and resilient!

With bushfires still threatening Australia it is not advisable to be lighting fires.  Even if it wasn’t bushfire season, it is good to remember that there may have been a young puggle deposited under that big pile of mulch and branches in the latter part of last year.

Keep praying for rain across Australia.

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