Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

I hope our WILVOS 5441 6200 Hotline phone slows down later in the year.  It will mean our native animals are in less trouble.  Our volunteers are doing an incredible job with keeping up with the calls and finding carers for the injured and orphaned wildlife.  One person does the job of a call centre on each shift!

I have had a very rewarding couple of weeks with release of rehabilitated wildlife.  I really miss each animal when they’ve left my care and hopefully all will go well in the wild.

The Maroochy RSL Gang of lorikeets have been taken to their prerelease site and are in a beautiful big aviary having lots of fun, as rainbow lorikeets do.  Lisa and Mike are enjoying watching them as much as I did.  They have a great view looking down towards the aviary from their verandah, so it is always good to be able to observe wildlife from a distance.  They continue their antics without interruption.

The instincts of wildlife are always so strong.  They immediately know what to eat when provided with their natural food.  These lorikeets just loved their native flowers dripping with nectar first thing in the morning.  Of course, it was also when they were at their most noisy but it is happy bedlam!!

Now I  have the Maroochy RSL Mini Gang of lorikeets to bring to the same stage.  They are the last three to hatch from eggs and are doing well.  No doubt they’ll be all feathered before I know it.

The Maroochy RSL have invited us down this week to say ‘thank you’ and I will enjoy telling them about these beautiful birds, which are alive because of their care and consideration for our wildlife. Thank you.

Donna Brennan Wildlife Volunteers Assoc Inc (WILVOS) PO Box 4805 Sunshine Coast Mail Centre  Q  4560  PH  5441 6200  www.wilvos.org.au