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Once again the bushfires have been devastating the countryside.  The tragedy and emotional trauma for residents and emergency service personnel would be immense.  The added upset for people  having to leave behind their horses, dogs, cats and other pets is unimaginable. For those losing their homes, it is just  too awful to think about. I hope by the time this goes to print that everyone is safe and reunited back in their homes.

RSPCA Wildlife at Eumundi were planning to set up a triage centre near the fire zone.  WILVOS would assist with a roster of experienced wildlife rehabilitators who would help with decisions on levels of care required for the native animals, or any animals, brought  to the centre.  After assessment of the fire area, it was advised that a triage centre was not required.  Wildlife Hospitals and local vets would be able to handle any animals needing care. Sadly, after bushfires, there are often very few animals to be found.  As always WILVOS will support the needy in the community as required and are always ready to provide long term rehabilitation to any orphaned and injured wildlife.  These may appear weeks after bushfire events.

Our wildlife in care always help brighten up our days.  I have been following the release activities of the Maroochy RSL Gang of lorikeets.  Initially they went a little crazy in the big wide world but would then  retire gratefully to their aviary for a good nights sleep.  Then they decided to nest up in the trees for the night.  Lisa and Mike were up at daybreak to do a headcount of the nine adolescents.  There were twenty-five lorikeets, all feeding together up amongst the blossoms and chatting away to their new-found friends. What a relief!

The Maroochy RSL Club invited us down there to say ‘thank you’ personally, for looking after these precious birds.  We did not expect the generous cheque presented to WILVOS.  These lovely people genuinely cared for animals and it was a delight to meet them. Thank you for your generosity and support.

I’m sure everyone will be pleased that they don’t have to listen to me relating all the lorikeets antics to them.  Nevertheless, these exquisite birds will be hanging around for a while yet.

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