Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

Our WILVOS 54441 6200 Hotline volunteers have had an incredibly busy couple of months.  With everyone being volunteers it is not always easy to find someone to collect and care for animals. Most of our members juggle work and volunteer commitments so Hotliners have to make numerous calls for help.  I have my phone on mute at feed time or my poor wildlife would never get fed.

It has been a week of achievements with my birds in care.  Two masked lapwings (aka plovers) have been released and another seven scurry around the backyard decimating the insect population.  The nine ‘big’ rainbow lorikeets in the Maroochy RSL gang are now self feeding, and perching on a good sized branch at sleep time.  The little ones are very slowly catching up. Two tiny honeyeaters are growing and  gradually deciding that maybe life isn’t too bad. I am trying to get my blue-faced honeyeaters in the backyard to foster them.

Wildlife carers care for wildlife all year round so no sooner are animals released, than others appear at the door.  It is good to see that people are calling immediately they find wildlife, rather than leaving it for a day or two which often means the death of the animals, or more intensive care needed.

One lady rang up with a little bunch of pacific black ducklings, that had just had their parents killed by a car.  I was amazed she was able to gather them all up, not an easy feat.  Other people  came to help and ten noisy  little ducklings arrived in the carton.  I suggested this lady become a wildlife carer!  New carers are always needed to learn about our wildlife.

Often with ducklings people will  put them in water which means they become wet and cold and die soon afterwards.  They need to have that waterproofing developed from their parent before being introduced to water.  At other times people will give little birds water and this is not natural for them.  It runs straight into their lungs.  It is so important to  get wildlife into care as soon as possible to  receive the correct care and  nutrition.

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