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It is important in these times to have some cheery news.  It is supposed to be most helpful to stay with routine in stressful times, but no one seems to have reminded the media of this.  Entertaining nightly television shows are replaced by tales of doom and gloom, with the same news rehashed in a myriad of ways. If I was prone to depression, I’d be totally depressed!

Our animals are a never ending source of joy, whether they be domestic cats, dogs, livestock or wildlife.  They are a respite in a crazy world.  Social distancing to me has meant more time to spend with my wildlife and I love that! I can hug them to bits! Our WILVOS 5441 6200 Hotline remains busy but we are surmising that  less cars on the road has made a difference to the number of animals coming into care in the last week.

Sometimes the human impact on our environment and wildlife is just taken for granted.  As cities close down the result is that everyday pollution declines.  Across the world some countries are amazed at their clear skies and clean waterways.  Let’s hope the latter don’t get choked up with masks and little empty bottles of hand sanitizer in the near future!

There are always rewards when caring for wildlife and one of the most enjoyable of these is to see native animals return with young.  It is not unusual to see macropods return with joeys in their pouch, but one of our carers recently observed an eastern grey kangaroo, released in the previous year,  give birth to a little jelly bean sized joey.  She probably came back to what was a familiar  safe place to perform this miracle!

I am just happy to have the privilege of return visits from Novak, the echidna, as he emerges from somewhere in  the garden every couple of days for a feed and a chat.  Yes, I’m sure he listens intently to me!

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