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The Queensland Garden Expo held at Nambour each year is always a busy time.  Each year the  Sunshine Coast Council invites WILVOS to be part of their Living Backyard corner of the Expo.  This is my favourite area with a lovely group of people representing environmental and wildlife groups. I missed seeing Rob Raabe, our local native bee guru, this year. Rob has done some great native bee workshops for us over the years. The Garden Expo is a time when we catch up with all these people we only see once a year.

It was really interesting to see the interest in our wildlife.  For the first time no one complained about possums in their roof, wallabies eating their bushes, bandicoots making their yard look untidy or pythons lying in wait to eat their domestic pet!

The main concerns this year were about roaming cats in suburban and rural areas or roaming dogs.  One gentleman on small acreage outside Tewantin was particularly angry about property owners who arrived in the area, bought one or two dogs and then allowed them to chase the kangaroos and other wildlife.  Sadly, the only solution to this problem is for a trap to be borrowed from the Council and the animals to be trapped and taken to the pound.  Sad for the animals, because they have owners who have no respect for their pets’ safety and welfare.

Soon the busy ‘baby bird’ season will be upon us, but meanwhile some of our carers are enjoying watching the development stages of their little kangaroo joeys.  We laugh as they hop around on the grass on their long gangly legs.  The speed they can gather at such a young age is amazing.  They have this overwhelming desire to develop those muscles they know they’ll need in the future.

Today is a sad, but very rewarding day, as we take four big healthy eastern grey kangaroos to their release site.  Macropods are often in care for twelve months so it always tugs at the heart strings to see a hand-reared  mob returned to the wild.

July sees WILVOS with a new website coming up any day, and a new postal address after twenty-five years.  This was due to the closure of the Nambour West Post Office.  For those enquiring about the new post office box address,  yes, all mail will be redirected.