Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

It’s good news to hear that we should be getting some rain.  This dry, cold weather is so hard on our wildlife.  Even the adult  possums, if they come into care injured, are very happy to see a dish of water.  Nevertheless, no animals, whether bird, mammal or reptile should be fed food or given water when they initially come into care.  In a weak state, the water may go straight to their lungs.  After a  thorough check and stabilizing, the correct rehydration and nutrition is offered.  Even our possums in our aviaries drink more water in this weather, as the fresh leaves aren’t quite so juicy!

Sadly, the WILVOS 5441 6200 Hotline is still receiving calls about wildlife that have been hit by a car after the driver has done nothing to help the injured animal.  Fortunately, someone else has observed the event, or the injured animal on the side of the road, and rung WILVOS so that the animal can be picked up and pouches checked.  I have one very traumatised little swamp wallaby that has come in after it was found hiding, terrified, in its mother’s pouch.    It is difficult, often dangerous, for drivers to stop but all that is needed is a call to our Hotline with the location of the animal, and we will deal with it.

I must thank Fairhill Nursery at Yandina for their generous donation of plants for the pre-release macropod paddock.  Rosemount Nursery, outside Nambour, also has a sign up telling their visitors they may buy a plant and donate to the cause.  Your support is most appreciated.

As acquittal time approaches, WILVOS would also like to thank the Sunshine Coast Council for their generous grant as part of the three-year Environment Levy Partnership grant.  It allows WILVOS to help  wildlife carers with subsidy for their wildlife food, along with an aviary loan scheme and the cost of maintaining our 24 hour Hotline.  This Hotline has meant that for over 25 years WILVOS has provide a Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release service for wildlife in the area and beyond.

Donna Brennan   Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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