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Life is never dull for a wildlife carer. I can personally guarantee that if I decide to take on a major project such as attacking the garden or garage, then there will be a sudden influx of wildlife. Last night saw me taking delivery of a squirrel glider joey, a ringtail possum joey and two butcher bird nestlings. All jobs on hold!

This morning the local vets rang with a fledgling tawny frogmouth. Fortunately, this young bird checks out fine and he just found himself on the ground when not able to fly as well as he thought he could. On checking with the property owners this youngster is able to go back to the waiting parents tonight as it is in a safe area. They will then observe the family of ‘tawnies’ to make sure all is well. It has been an education for the family to watch for chicks each year. Another very lucky animal was a little ringtail possum joey a few days ago. The local panelbeaters, McCullochs, rang to say they had found a young possum on the ground and sadly, judging from the bulge in a nearby pythons belly, Mum was gone forever. Being a ringtail possum, they usually have two young, but the sibling must have stayed in its mother’s pouch. The surviving possum, named Colleen, was very happy to join another two little ones the same size and is doing beautifully with WILVOS carer Leslie.

The warm weather is a reminder, for those with lovely clean clear glass pool fencing, to put some strategic designs on the glass to prevent injury to birds. We had our first glass fencing casualty this week and there will undoubtedly be more to come.

Let us hope that more rain comes soon to rejuvenate our native bushland for our wildlife.