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As our environment is vandalized and habitat destroyed, I am just mesmerized by the antics of our Australian federal politicians.  For months we have had our intelligence insulted by procrastination over diversionary tactics such as  the citizenship of politicians or who marries who.  Really, in the overall scheme of things in Australia, who cares?  Can’t any real decisions be made that are going to prevent this unique country from turning  into a lunar landscape?

I’m sure if someone asked me if I was an Australian citizen I could answer very quickly, or find out very quickly.  Are our politicians of such limited intelligence that they don’t even know if they are Australian or not, and it is just too difficult to find out definitively.  These matters could be dealt with in the space of a week.

Meanwhile, when there is time allocated to meet on some real issues, federal, state and local government seem to have two major future life-changing decisions to make. “Mulch or Mine”!  While our governing bodies are meandering around in mindless trivia, our beautiful, beautiful country is being destroyed by devastating land clearing and mining on a major unsustainable  scale.

We were led to believe that protections were put in place to protect the environment and native wildlife. I am totally saddened and angered by just what is happening on a local level. A week or two after forests have been flattened and mulched,  no one even remembers what used to be there.  Driving around Caloundra and Sippy Downs does anyone really think about the significance of what is in those enormous piles of mulch?  The exquisite sugar gliders that hid in terror in their hollows or the lorikeets that had just made their nests and  laid their eggs.

I guess my equilibrium has been affected by the devastation at my back door.  I walked down the road to find an area that in one day was converted from beautiful natural bush, to flattened earth, now sporting heavy machinery, huge logs and more mulch.  I love that little pocket of bush in Steggalls Road, Yandina, and some months ago, when the development application at the western end resurfaced,  a group of people met there and we let our feelings be known on retaining the bushland.  Yes, we saw that development rejected, that time, but after seeing this latest one approved I am in despair.

Already cleared ex cane fields sit there, ideal for inevitable development.  No, we must destroy bushland housing innumerable species of wildlife that have made their homes there from little tunnels and burrows underground to the nests high up in the trees.

I come home and feed my young corellas, saddened by what is happening around me.  These adorable birds should be with their parents, but springtime nesting didn’t prevent their little forest of  huge eucalypts, filled with hollows, from being demolished, even on Council ground.

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