Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

The past few weeks have been very hectic on the WILVOS 5441 6200 hotline.  We all want our  little spot in this beautiful area of the world,  but the impact we have on the landscape is punishing.  Development is rampant and our wildlife suffer.  It is up to all of us to lessen our impact in any way we can.  Do I want to give up my piece of paradise?  No way!  All I can do is help our wildlife and our environment as much as I can.

Injured and orphaned kangaroos and  possums have been rescued all the way from Brisbane to Gympie, along with numerous bird species and injured reptiles. Our WILVOS hotline volunteers and wildlife carers do an amazing job and I am proud of them.

Members of the public have been so obliging.  One lady drove many kilometres with a little wallaby joey she found lying on the ground in her yard.  Having had another hectic wildlife day driving around the countryside, I didn’t decline her offer.  This family’s dogs, though usually contained, had chased a wallaby out of their yard. Unbeknown to them the wallaby  had ejected her little furless joey into the garden. Vegemite, as they called the little one, was not discovered until later that day.  It was pure joy to see him gradually warm up in the humidicrib. He is now thriving.

Another carer has had so many kangaroos come into care that they devised a feeding system to feed a number of joeys at one time. (Photo: R Aspinall).  Though the  ideal is to feed animals individually,  situations don’t always allow that luxury.

One of the rewards of wildlife rehabilitation is in teaching new carers how to care for wildlife.  We all started knowing very little or nothing at all.  This week three new macropod  carers have their first kangaroo or wallaby joey to care for and they are finding out there is more to it than just a cute, cuddly animal to love!

Donna Brennan   Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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