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It is always inspiring to see workers, who are  involved in the land  development side, take an active interest in our native wildlife.  It must be distressing to see bulldozers at work and be helpless to do anything in many situations.  WILVOS hotline often receives calls for advice or rescue in such situations and it is always sad to see habitat destroyed forever.

Recently, I had a phonecall from a very environmentally aware fellow who always looks for the best outcome for wildlife when development is encroaching on habitat.  Liam was out west but had had a call from someone in Brisbane who was concerned about a bush stone-curlew that was sitting on an egg in a spot soon to be bulldozed.

This was a Friday and fortunately it was decided work wouldn’t go ahead till the following Monday. This decision had nothing to do with the curlew of course!   Every day makes a difference when having to remove eggs for incubation, and this is only done when there is no other option. So plans were made for the Monday so that the egg could be removed and the poor mother curlew would just have to move out of the way of the machinery monsters!

On the Monday morning I received a text from Kale with a photo of the mother curlew flattened on the ground with wings outspread, protecting her newly hatched young chick.  As they do, the curlew parents had moved the young away from the original nest.  They settled in a spot that was being used to store bits and pieces. At least that area wasn’t going to get demolished yet!

That little chick grew so fast.  Eight days later he was looking like a curlew instead of disguised as a  clod of dirt on the ground, which he resembled a week before.

It lovely to see a happy outcome, without having to do anything! Thank you to Kale for all the great photos he texted through.

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