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WILVOS have welcomed some more dedicated wildlife carers to the ranks and it is  great to see their enthusiasm in wanting to learn about our wonderful native animals.  It also shares the load as the 5441 6200 Hotline is always busy.  Different work schedules mean people can assist in different ways, but all help is much appreciated.

My macropods, possums and birds have been keeping me busy and I didn’t plan on the extra additions.  Nevertheless, when land developers clear for a housing estate leaving beautiful habitat trees isn’t on their agenda.  It continually surprises  me that anyone can justify clear felling hectares of land without leaving at least some of the habitat trees that house multiple species.  Greed is a great motivator.

My new orphans are exquisite but noisy.  Sadly they weren’t able to be reunited with their parents which is the ultimate outcome for a wildlife carer.  These two little sulphur crested cockatoos like to make a raucous racket at feed time.  The three newly hatched rainbow lorikeets rescued from the same tree didn’t take long to start making little noises.

The magpie fledglings have begun to be rescued but unless they are in danger from predators they are best left to do what comes naturally.  Emerging from the nest, they aren’t quite as coordinated as they think they are.  Time on the ground is part of their growing stage and they are best left there until they gain some flying expertise.   Pets may have to be contained for a couple of days but the young magpies soon progress further towards their independence.

WILVOS have another induction for new members in November so anyone interested in learning more about our wildlife and their care can email membership@wilvos.org.au or go to our website www.wilvos.org.au and submit an application form.

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