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As the cold weather arrives, I just know it’s Nambour Garden Expo time again.  Those early chilly mornings in at the Showgrounds are a challenge, but the reward soon comes with the beautiful clear sunny days once the sun has ascended a little.

The Sunshine Coast Council’s Living Backyard area is one of my favourite spots at the Expo.  So many inspiring exhibitors who really care about the environment and its inhabitants.

It is always a time to catch up with WILVO supporters who relate their stories of animal rescues. So many animals are saved by someone just making that phone call to the WILVOS 5441 6200 hotline.    One lady had photos of an injured bird she had rung up about some months ago, and these were followed by more photos of the lovely kookaburra once it had regained its strength and was returned to its family.  Not all outcomes are happy ones but people are glad that they asked for help and that  the wildlife are able to receive pain relief medication and any treatment needed.  If euthanasia is necessary, at least the animal has been spared unnecessary suffering.  That decision is never made lightly.

Children are always excited to hear that a WILVOs community awareness officer could come and talk to their class about wildlife.  This is a free service and  a wonderful opportunity to educate our youngsters about responsible pet ownership.  The knowledge about our Australian native animals has expanded and often the children seem to know more than their parents.

Sadly, another lovely gentleman was telling me about his wife who had recently passed away.  She was a staunch supporter of WILVOS and always came to visit our community awareness stalls.  This encouragement from members of the public means so much to wildlife carers who sometimes feel they are fighting a losing battle as development of the area destroys our precious wildlife.

All our WILVO supporters are treasured– whether they be carers, Friends of WILVOS,  or just someone who visits our stall to say “hello”.  It makes our day just that little bit more rewarding and refuels our energy reserves.

Donna Brennan   Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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