Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

WILVOS are always ready to recruit new members and last week’s information day for new members was well-attended by some very enthusiastic people.  It is always a pleasure to meet people of all ages so interested in our Australian native wildlife.

Most people have domestic pets and this is no obstruction to caring for wildlife.  Of course, they are kept well away from each other as familiarity with domestic animals would be lethal for wildlife.  As always, common sense is a necessary component in looking after any animal species.

WILVOS have a 24hour Hotline 5441 6200, and has done for over twenty years.There is always someone on the end of the phone, not just an answering machine.  Our volunteers try to keep calls short, so there is no unnecessary delay in getting help to the injured or orphaned wildlife.  Some people are unable to assist with the hands-on care of wildlife,  but are willing to help out on the Hotline.  This is done from a person’s own home phone through a diversion system which makes it very convenient for everyone.  Training is given to wildlife carers and to Hotline volunteers.

People realize that the environment is strongly connected with wildlife welfare, and concerns about habitat destruction  are constantly expressed to our phone volunteers from   members of the public. Many  Sunshine Coast residents are just in despair when they see the blatant decimation of our beautiful forested areas.  Every tree is important, and a home for many species.  It is unfortunate that those who could make a difference are often oblivious to the lunar landscape appearing around them.  Maybe they just don’t care – but for whatever reason, residents of the area deserve to be listened to.

It is always inspiring when something is actually done to aid our native animals.  The Yandina Ginger Factory must be congratulated for placing white tape at the top of their security fence.  This white tape is a visual barrier which helps prevent gliders, bats, possums and birds from being caught in the barbed wire.  Driving around, you can see many of these barbed wire topped fences, and it is just awful to try to extricate animals from them.  If all businesses could cover these barbs with white tape it would make such a difference.

Donna Brennan  Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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