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It’s that time of year again. Christmas time in steamy hot weather, while we implore the gods to send us rain! Then we complain when there is too much! Luckily, one of our members makes it her special mission in life to keep WILVOS supplied with the bladders out of wine casks. We take the caps off and fill with hot water in winter to keep our animals warm, and freeze them in summer and wrap in wet towels to keep our animals cool in summer.

Your dogs, cats, caged birds and poultry will also appreciate ice packs lying around their resting spot in the warm weather. Everyone should go and check out the housing to see just what the temperature is in the hottest part of the day, and check that the animals can escape the direct sun.

For wild birds, fresh water daily is so much more important that supplying seed that will soon become toxic if it gets damp. If rain is continual then fresh fruit can be chopped up and offered, or nectar mix, but, as with grain, it has to be brought in after a short time before going ‘off’. Ideally we don’t feed our birds unless absolutely necessary as it does interfere with their life in the wild.

If it has crossed your mind to buy a pet for Christmas, ensure you have their suitable home constructed first. A dog without a fenced area, a cat without an aviary, a bird without an aviary leads to disaster. January is the month for missing pets. It usually happens because the preparation for suitable housing has not been put in place. It’s also that time of year where fireworks seems to be a frequent occurrence and rehabilitating wildlife and domestic pets need to feel safe and secure.

Relax and enjoy the lead up to the holidays. It should be a fun time, not a stress-filled time!