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WILVOS appreciate the generosity of  Laurie and Tom Wall for inviting  us to have a wildlife information table at every Nambour Collectorama Fair.  There is always an amazing collection of antique and collectible goods there, and when the doors open at 7.30am people flow in.      It is a wonderful opportunity to inform people on wildlife issues.

At the moment WILVOS are  encouraging an awareness of the feral Indian Myna bird.  It is tragic to see them take over the nests of even large birds such as cockatoos.  They mercilessly throw little gliders out of their nesting hollows and generally impose death and destruction on our native species.

I remember seeing a video taken by Hollow Log Homes years ago and it really showed the damage done by these feral birds.  Along with killing our native species, Indian Mynas can cause illness to both our local birds and to people.

The Sunshine Coast Council have a feral control team who loan out the special Indian Myna traps.  Any birds caught will be collected by the Council. Please contact the Council’s Customer Service Centre to advise of areas where you have observed Indian Mynas, or to request a trap. Always provide food, water and shelter in the trap.

Bob, one of our multi-skilled WILVOS, made up an Indian Myna trap and after a very long time I actually caught five Mynas in 24 hours.  Having dogs, cats or, in my case, kangaroos, in the back yard deters the Indian Mynas from coming to ground but with an empty back yard I was soon able to entice the birds down and into the trap. It gives me no joy to trap a bird, but our native species are my priority, in a world where everything is against them.

It is of utmost importance that everyone distinguishes between the grey Noisy Miner and the chocolate brown Indian Myna with its bright yellow legs.  Grey is good, Brown is bad!  The grey Noisy Miner (often called a Micky bird) may be a pesky, bossy little animal but it is an Australian native bird.


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