Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

The recent holidays and Easter Break have meant an increase in calls to the WILVOS 5441 6200 Hotline.  Unfortunately, holiday time means more road accident victims, more domestic animal attacks on wildlife and more fishing line entanglements.

A variety of wildlife has come through my door over past weeks  and we are always grateful to the people who contact WILVOS immediately they find injured or orphaned wildlife.  This first 24 hours can mean the life or death of an animal.  A bird may  be helped by prompt splinting of a fracture, or a marsupial may survive because of medication administered to treat toxicity from household poisons.  Reasons are usually through some form of human impact.

Inevitably, there are always more cars on the road in the holiday period.  A beautiful Pheasant Coucal was brought to me on Easter Sunday after it had hit by a car, though the people weren’t sure whether it had actually made contact with the car. It flew straight into a net hanging over the chook pen fence, as the car was reversed,  so these amazing people quickly threw a towel over it in a very successful rescue.

This bird was actually extremely lucky.  There were no injuries except to its pride!  Pheasant Coucals are also known as Swamp Pheasants.  Though related to the cuckoos, it does build its own nest, instead of laying eggs into the nest of other bird species.

Not all wildlife survived the human holidays scenarios but those that did, survived because of the prompt action from caring members of the public.  Thank you.

Donna Brennan Wildlife Volunteers Assoc Inc (WILVOS) PO Box 4805 Sunshine Coast Mail Centre  Q  4560  PH  5441 6200  www.wilvos.org.au