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brush turkey chick with a broken leg and a sugar glider killed by Christmas pets. Please, please, please – if you are buying a kitten for Christmas, build or buy the cat enclosure first. This is the responsible thing to do before the purchase of any animal. Their enclosure is their safety and security.

Holiday time can be a trying time for our wildlife. Fishing line entanglements and plastic bag ingestion, by wildlife living in our waterways, is an all-too-common product of holiday time.
One of our lovely phone roster volunteers rang last weekend for advice on an interesting situation. People towed their caravan up from Brisbane to a caravan park at Coolum. As they began to set up their awning they noticed a possum hiding in there – a hitchhiker from the city! They didn’t want to try to catch it, so rang the WILVOS hotline. I was able to recommend Chloe who is always a lifesaver when it comes to tricky possum situations!

Chloe went around to assess the predicament and very efficiently caught the possum and took it home for the night. The next afternoon the people took it back to their home in Brisbane and released it after dark. They were happy to resume their Coolum holiday the next day, minus the possum guest.

A highlight for this week was going for a drive to check out a new release site for our rehabilitated eastern grey kangaroos. It was a very isolated large property, surrounded by beautiful countryside that ticked every box, with wonderful people who are willing to help with the final release process. At the moment, I have five macropods in care, all different species, which is very unusual! The contrast between the short, squat pademelon and the lanky, young kangaroo joey is fascinating. The red-necked wallaby and the swamp wallaby just like to hug and wrestle half the day!

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Christmas, and that 2016 is your best year ever. Thank you, as always, for your consideration and support for our Australian native wildlife. It always gives us a boost to meet so many wonderful people, with interesting wildlife stories, and to meet the challenges of the many tricky wildlife situations.