Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

I am totally enthralled with the wildlife in my backyard at the moment.  The  wild birds are prolific, and come in to water and feast on the grass seeds (I always leave some seeding grasses) and native flowering or fruiting trees. I don’t put out supplement feed unless there are extreme weather events.  It is so much better to provide their natural diet by planting up the garden,  and providing water.

Trays of seed are a problem in the wet weather.  Our 5441 6200 Hotline receives an increase in calls for very ill seed-eating birds such as galahs in times of rain.    Seed left out can get damp and becomes toxic very quickly in humid weather conditions. Immediate treatment is needed for these birds.

Besides the transient native wildlife, such as the birds, skinks and waterdragons, I am entertained by my orphaned rehabilitating wildlife. A crazy trio of red-necked pademelon, swamp wallaby and eastern grey kangaroo joeys take up much of my day.

Kali, the little red-necked pademelon is now over 500 grams and looks like a little possum as she races around the yard, often disappearing for hours under the shrubs.  Being so small, a pademelon’s survival depends on their ability to hide and blend in with the habitat.

Kali’s tiny fractured legs and tail have healed beautifully.  Once the splints were off it was a steady progress back to normal exercise.  I like to know their muscles have built up enough to support their incredible little legs, before full activity can commence.

Meanwhile, feed time beckons!

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