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I do feel sorry for our wildlife on the Sunshine Coast.  They have a continual battle against humans and habitat destruction.

When incidents do occur between humans and wildlife it is difficult to find out the true facts of the matter.  Recently we read about the kangaroo that attacked the golfers head, inflicting a 5 cm gash! This made for great headlines.  What really happened?   The next day I  read a report that the kangaroo actually grunted and the man tripped over backwards, sustaining an injury. Different interpretations abounded, but always with  the kangaroo portrayed as being at fault.   Really, if the kangaroo didn’t personally inflict the injury why  say that she did?  Even the golfer must have been shaking his head in confusion, wondering if he was actually reading about his own  incident.

Then while reading the newspaper articles on a website, there is video of a female kangaroo with a large joey in her pouch.  This video went for many minutes while the kangaroo stood there flicking her ears.  That is not a sign of contentment.  All she wanted was for  the person standing there filming her to go away and leave her in peace to graze with her joey.  She was protecting her joey by keeping it in the pouch in the hope the person with phone in hand would buzz off!

It is not surprising that sometimes these animals become agitated and feel threatened.  Approaching them and feeding them just creates future problems.  This often results in relocation away  from their family and mob, or a discreet  unpublicized euthanasia.  This is irrelevant to inconsiderate people who just want a close-up photo or video to put online.

Isn’t life difficult enough for our wildlife?  Please, please give them space so the golfers too can golf in peace!

Thank you to all those people who recently attended our WILVOS induction day.  It is lovely to see so many coast and hinterland residents wanting to learn how to rehabilitate wildlife, offering to help with our 24 hour hotline, administrative duties, or offering to transport wildlife from vets to wildlife carers.  All help is welcomed with open arms!

Donna Brennan  Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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