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There is a gamut of emotions experienced in being a wildlife carer. Sorrow to see an orphaned or injured animal, happiness in watching a successful rehabilitation and finally a combination of sadness and joy in seeing wildlife released back to the wild with their own kind.

Recently, I had a young, severely emaciated Kookaburra in care. He responded well with medication and the correct diet. In fact, his appetite was incredible, but not surprising considering that these young birds keep their parents very busy with their constant demands for food. Nevertheless, this continual sustenance is necessary if they are going to grow up quickly into healthy strong birds. Within a couple of weeks this young Kookaburra was able to go to another wildlife carer who had a Kookaburra around the same age. They are now learning to hunt for their own food, but they are smart enough to return for extra supplementation if they aren’t too successful in their foraging efforts. With a Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, an Emerald Dove, the two now fledgling Pale-headed Rosellas, an Olive-backed Oriole, and half a dozen Figbird chicks I am reminded why I love the silence of the marsupials. Those four hourly feeds are greeted with gentle murmurs of appreciation, compared the racket from the birds!

Wildlife caring is not only about actively rehabilitating wildlife, though carers are always needed, and training given. WILVOS have an induction for new members this Sunday, 7th February. Most people start with just a love of our precious wildlife, and a willingness to help in a variety of capacities. If you can help by doing a few hours each month on the rescue hotline, or by transporting wildlife to or from vets or members of the public, or even helping on community awareness stalls, you too are helping our wildlife immensely. Training is given in all facets of wildlife awareness. Just call our Hotline for contact details of our membership secretary, who will give you all the details for Sundays information morning. We need helpers in all the Sunshine Coast areas.

See you there!