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The welfare of our local wildlife is very dependent on the observations of members of the public.  Everyone is now more aware of the effect that human impact has on our native animals.

Sometimes our caring natures are not always in the animals’ greatest  interest.  Feeding of wildlife is best done only in extreme weather conditions when food sources are in short supply.

Feeding stations for birds are breeding grounds for disease.  It just takes one sick bird to come to the feed tray and this can result in the illness of many other birds visiting the same feeding station.  The best thing we can do to help our wildlife is to improve the habitat, by planting seeding, fruiting and flowering native trees indigenous to our area.  I have seen so many new birds visiting my yard as native trees have flourished.  I don’t see much point in having a garden of plants that don’t provide food for our native wildlife.

It has become a common practice to feed possums in suburbia also.  Sadly, this means the possums congregate around houses where they are often fed incorrect food. Bread – why feed an animal bread?  Waterbirds have especially suffered from dietary deficiencies due to the constant throwing of bread out to entice the birds around.

Someone brought me an injured possum last week and was totally surprised that the possums main diet was leaves.  As the possums like to stay near the easy food source, instead of doing their own foraging, a new problem appears.  Too many possums inhabit one area and compete for food and housing.  This has led to an increase in dermatitis in wild populations which is a tragedy.  As over-population occurs there is also more territorial fighting.  Injuries and stress dermatitis are becoming more prevalent as a result.

Destroying the habitat of wildlife is a constant threat to species, so we must all do what we can to minimize this impact.  Planting up our house yards with native food grasses, shrubs and trees is one way we can all  make an amazing difference.

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