Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

Firstly, here on the Sunshine Coast we should be grateful for our great medical facilities.  I have had considerable contact with the Buderim Private Hospital in the last week and the staff, the service and the food provided just has to be commended.

It was rather unusual to be in  a human medical environment.  It is certainly a change from that of a veterinary one with native animals being the reason for concern.

Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to be concerned about the environment or our precious wildlife.  It is sad to hear of trees being so blatantly poisoned at Shelly Beach again.  The selfish arrogance of the human race.  Every tree is so important now, in this era of often irresponsible land clearing. An excellent solution has been utilized elsewhere.  Whenever trees are poisoned, the Council replace these trees with a timber wall, at least until replacement trees attain the same height as the original trees.  Those wanting a view will find out there are worse things than trees waving in the breeze to obstruct their view.

As wildlife carers, we do see some very cute animals.  Some weeks ago a carer was given a cattle egret chick by her local veterinarian.  It really was quite an adorable looking young bird.  Originally from Asia, and not seen in large numbers in Australia till the mid twentieth century these birds have settled into the Australian landscape very comfortably.  It is not unusual to see them in paddocks picking ticks off cattle. Though mainly insect eaters, they also include cane toads in their diet.

I love seeing the  WILVOS wheelie bin stickers on so many bins out on the street on garbage collection day.  Already, people have noticed the WILVOS 5441 6200 hotline number on the stickers, and have  rung up about injured and orphaned native animals.  These stickers are able to be ordered off our WILVOS website or Facebook page by anyone wanting a colourful bin and wanting to help our Australian native wildlife.

Donna Brennan  Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

PO Box 4805 Sunshine Coast Mail Centre Q  4560    PH  5441 6200    www.wilvos.org.au