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The future of our wildlife are dependent on two major points.  Needless to say that without habitat there will be no Australian native animals. Without education the value of these animals will not be realized.   In Australia it sometimes seems we are doing our best to eradicate both habitat and wildlife.

WILVOS do their best to educate the public through our community awareness programs.  We have people who will visit schools and community organizations and speak on wildlife and the environment.  This is a free service.  With the schools especially, our youth are the future of our native animals.

As well as our local wildlife education programs, each year we also invite a high profile wildlife vet to present a weekend of training for our carers.  Our hotliners manning the 5441 6200 phone line also attend to broaden their knowledge.  This year we have avian vet Dr Anne Fowler presenting a weekend of training on mammals and birds.  A full day is dedicated to each species and  is an incredible source of knowledge.  Because Anne works with wildlife on a day to day basis she is up-to-date with the latest methods of rehabilitation.  It is a forever changing world out there and new inroads are being made continually into the latest wildlife care techniques.

This year has been an especially abysmal one for our native animals.  Habitat destruction and drought have created havoc out there in the wild.  Our WILVOS carers do a wonderful job of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing, though it is often a heartbreaking time. To lose a female squirrel glider and her two joeys to a domestic cat is not an unusual occurrence, yet people will still not container their domestic animals.  Fortunately, one little joey this week was lucky and has lived to join others in care.

So please, think before removing a tree from your property.  For a weekend project,  build a lovely enclosure for your pets so they are safe and so are our native animals.

Donna Brennan   Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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