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Following the tragic bushfires people expect a photo of a scorched furry animal along with begging for funds.  That is not the WILVOS way.  We know that the number of wildlife that are found at or near a bushfire site immediately after a fire is close to zero.  The stark reality is that the wildlife are dead.  Those few that  survive start appearing a week and more afterwards, by which time rescue crews are safely  allowed on site.

It makes my heart break to think of that loss of wildlife.  The nests of eggs and little chicks have no chance.  All perished.  No money could ease the pain in thinking about that.  Even five days after the fire the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, and their rescue team, along with the Eumundi RSPCA Wildlife Centre had received only  two animals each as a result of the  fires.   As always, they are ready to do a wonderful job in taking on the compromised wildlife that are appearing in this weather.  Once treated we take on the next step.  WILVOS will continue on with their great year round work of rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife that may be in care for six to twelve months. This past month has been incredibly busy with the dry weather.  Food is in short supply for so many species.  We’ve never had so many calls for bats on barbed wire fences, and they are seen dead on the ground.

Dwelling on the tragedy is of no benefit so we encourage all our members to focus on the positives.  To me the big positives are twelve lorikeet chicks, The Maroochy RSL gang,  and two plover chicks that make me smile every day.  To have had four of the lorikeet eggs hatch in the incubator was a delight.  Such ugly tiny little devils! Fingers crossed that more will hatch.  Give me a day or two kids!

Thank you to the Maroochy RSL for the generous donation towards the food for the lorikeets.  It is eight weeks before they fledge so they’ll tug at my heart strings on release. Nevertheless, it will be great  for them to have their own little flock.

Thank you to those who have visited the WILVOS website and made donations, and passed the hat around at work. It is very much appreciated, as is the work of those who have sewn  pouches.  The  little marsupial joeys love them.

Our thoughts are with all those who lost property and suffered the trauma from the recent bushfires.  I cannot begin to imagine how frightening it must have been.

Our fire crews were outstanding.  Without their skills, hard work  and incredibly long hours things would have been drastically worse.  The police too must be commended for their swift actions in getting people to evacuate.  Great work from all emergency services.  I hope everyone chips in to help buy new equipment to help our ‘firies’ and emergency services.

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