Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

With darkness coming at the same time as people are driving home from work, there are more wildlife injured on the roads at this time of year. I do wish we could train our wildlife to evade the dangers of suburbia! I am sure our lovely volunteers on the WILVOS 5441 6200 hotline would like that too!

It is always surprising just what wildlife is around in busy parts of town. Last week there was an adult male wallaby at the skateboard park at Yandina. Lovely members of the public kept the wallaby from disappearing into the bush. The Rescue Team from the Australia Zoo Wild life Hospital was thankfully able to come out and deal with the situation. Unfortunately, the wallaby had a very nasty compound fracture and needed to be euthanized.

Car impact with wildlife is often just unavoidable, but when someone told me last week it ‘was nature’, it was extremely difficult to be diplomatic. It is not nature when wildlife is hit with a motor vehicle. Though an accident, it is good to see that people take responsibility and want to help the injured animal as soon as possible. Even if the outcome is euthanasia, it is saving an animal from days of pain and suffering.

So drive carefully on dusk in the coming months, and phone up if any animals are found injured. Many native animals are saved because people take the time to phone for help.

Thank you to the Yandina helpers and thank you to the Rescue Team.