Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

Our WILVOS Hotline 5441 6200 has been receiving so many calls about little ringtail possums in the last weeks. They are such vulnerable little creatures.  There are almost always two joeys in pouch, very occasionally three, so we often have to ask people to check for another little possum, in the pouch or in the immediate area.

Trees house just so many different animals, and because they aren’t yelling out and waving their arms in the air, no one thinks what might be living there as the tree crashes to the ground.  Many of our possum and glider species are victims of car impact, or cat or dog attacks.  We humans certainly are doing our utmost to contribute to the extinction of wildlife.  We can rally against the greed of developers, but as individuals we need to do our bit to restrict dangers to our wildlife.

Our Hotline volunteers are still receiving calls about echidnas.  After seeing them in their suburban block, people ask if they can move them to some bush somewhere.  Echidnas are very intelligent, and very stubborn animals.  They know what they are doing and cover a large area at night, as they are ridding us of our termites!

If moved, echidnas will attempt to go back to where they were.  Leave them be, as it is breeding time and the young puggles will soon be appearing.  Once moved to a burrow by mum, the puggle really doesn’t want mother relocated far from home.  They would starve to death.  The mother begins coming back to the burrow every few days to feed the young one and this extends to every ten days until an abrupt weaning.

There is still so much to learn about our wildlife.  Hopefully, everyone is fascinated by our Australian native animals and will continue to read up on how special they are.

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