Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

The ‘baby bird season’ doesn’t seem to be quite so defined these past months. Orphaned birds and over-adventurous fledglings are still coming through on our 5441 6200 hotline. The ideal outcome is to reunite them with parents but that is not always possible.

I am caring for a tiny forest kingfisher at the moment. The most beautiful little bird, it was found in a horse trough. It has recovered and another juvenile of the same species came in just a week later. Now with muscles strengthened they are flying well, and with ‘hunting skills’ improving, release day is at hand.

There has also been a number of animals drowned in or retrieved from swimming pools. It is a good idea to anchor some thick rope, or similar, to the side of the pool and place in the water so it gives animals a way out. This may not look aesthetic, but neither is a drowned koala, bandicoot or possum. Just use your ingenuity to design an escape route! The little artificial frangipani flowers are often floated in pools to save small birds and bees from drowning as they get over-enthusiastic in skimming the water.

It is the little things that we can do that will help our wildlife survive.