Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

Our wildlife are having a terrible time this year and it is only early summer.  The busiest year on record for WILVOS sees the Hotline volunteers doing an amazing job.  Out of the last eight hundred calls there were only three unhappy customers so our ‘vollies’ have done well.  They are trained well, and have backup for advice. Any complaints are followed up on immediately so that we can all come up with better solutions. Yep, we aren’t perfect but we are working on it!

This past week saw great concern for wildlife at the property of  WILVO, Sylvia.  As everyone knows it is a worry preparing to evacuate animals during bush fires.  We were concerned about Sylvia and Bob’s welfare too!  As always I’m in awe of our fire fighters.  They were on site so quickly.  Please support their fundraising efforts as we would be lost without them.

With everything against them our poor native birds are suffering. Everyone could put out dishes of fresh water each morning and night.  It is a joy to watch the antics in the bird baths.  Small amounts of good quality fresh food do help in times of need.  Suitable supplements are nectar mix available at supermarkets, good quality mince (not pet mince), and cockatiel bird seed (much better than the wild bird mixes.)  Some diced up fruit is also appreciated by many birds.  It is very important not to let the food spoil so best to just have dishes of water in shady places, up away from predators, during midday heat.

Everyone needs to be sensible on feeding birds.  It is not helpful for them to depend on us for their total food supply.  Sadly we hear of cases where people may feed birds in their yard twice a day.  Then they go on holidays and the poor birds are returning twice daily and nothing is there.  Keep the routine spasmodic so there is no total dependency on this food.

Please don’t kidnap the birds from their parents unless necessary.  Lock up domestic animals and give the fledglings a few days to gain flight expertise!

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