Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

Firstly, WILVOS would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and holiday season.  Our WILVOS 5441 6200 Hotline will continue to operate 24 hours a day over this period.  Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who man the Hotline and thanks to the volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate and release our native animals twenty-four hours a day.

As we enjoy our time with family and friends, it is good to give a thought to our struggling wildlife who find this time of year a challenge.  There are more cars on the road, more people are out fishing and more food waste and packaging emerges from every household.

A friend recently went down to the river near her place and could not believe the amount of discarded fishing line she picked up from separate spots in and out of the water.  Bundled together it was a huge amount from a small area. This was along with fifteen fish hooks.  Sadly the fishing line finds itself entangled around wildlife and hooks are swallowed or become imbedded in animals.  People need to take their rubbish home and cut up fishing line into small pieces, before putting in the rubbish.  This will prevent it wrapping around bodies or tiny limbs as it proceeds down the garbage disposal route.

The packaging disposal issues are enormous.  Veterinarians everywhere are finding an increase in animals affected by the sealing rings at the top of  bottles. This invention has been a disaster for animals.  Dolphins have been found starved to death because these plastic rings have encircled their rostrum (commonly known as their nose).  Birds, turtles, even platypus, have ended up with the plastic rings encasing their necks or beaks.  This happens as they are fossicking around for their food – they don’t choose to wear them as a decoration.

These plastic seal rings are on all size bottles from tiny to large in diameter, which means they affect an incredible number of wildlife species.  Please always cut these in half before throwing into the garbage bin.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and the very best 2019.  Lets hope some of this rain gets out to our farmers.

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