Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

The WILVOS Hotline 5441 6200 number has had a huge variety of calls in past weeks.  There are so many different species of wildlife in various precarious situations.

We’ve had the usual dreadful barbed wire incidents, along with car hits and fishing line entanglements.

One of our carers went out to a wallaby that had been hit by a car and found both the mother and tiny joey dead.  There was also another long teat in the pouch which indicates another larger joey suckling, but it was not to be found.  In these cases the body is taken in from the road and observed in case the other little one returns.  In this case, the size of the ‘pinkie’ in pouch  and the length of the teat meant that the joey was of a size where it could be independent.  It is still sad to see this happen.

Little Penny the plover has grown from 18 grams to 150 grams in a few weeks and freely wanders around my yard eating every bug in site.  She is a joy to watch as she taps her little foot on the ground disturbing whatever is lurking in the grass.  Then she pounces and very little escapes her.

Fidget, the young red-necked wallaby, has decided that Penny is a good grazing companion so they both wander about the back yard together.  Maybe the wallaby helps to get the insects moving in the ground so the plover has an easy meal waiting.

Life is never boring with wildlife around, and there is always something new to observe and something new to learn with their unique habits.

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