Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

It’s been the usual Christmas/New Year holiday chaos with injured and orphaned wildlife.  Our 5441 6200 Hotline has been busy with the usual tragic scenarios of birds and turtles caught up in fishing line or suffering from swallowing fish hooks.  More cars on the road mean more wildlife hit and more orphaned and injured animals.

On the brighter side, I have been able to release many of the fledglings after some days in care.  This means they can fly just so much better and can be returned to their family.  Figbirds are delightful to see reunited with their family and always make me laugh with their enthusiastic greeting.

Simone, the Bush Stone-curlew, has moved on to bigger pastures in preparation for release. It was sad to hear that she did quite a bit of ‘crying’ the first night in a new environment.  Way to make me feel bad!  Her foraging and hunting skills were getting finely honed and she was a joy to watch as she gracefully moved around the yard.  Occasionally she would run with her wings out and do a little dance.

The three hatchling rainbow lorikeets have grown into beautiful birds, who treasure their flowers more than anything else.  First thing in the morning the fresh nectar and the pollen in the flowers are their favourite food, as it should be.  They are now on release and behaving as they should.  I was worried they would not be ‘wild’ enough.  There is nothing like a mob of wild lorikeets to help their survival instincts cut in.

It is hoped that 2019 is kinder to our wildlife and that people make decisions that don’t impact quite so cruelly on our precious Australian native animals.

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