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What a wonderful Queensland Garden Expo again this year at the Nambour Showgrounds.  Thank you to the Sunshine Coast Council for again inviting us into their Living Backyard site. Each year there is more awareness of our environment.  Gardeners are looking even more at native plants and the incredible range of native bush food plants.

This year our mission was to get our WILVOS Hotline 5441 6200 number out to as many people as possible. Hundreds of fridge magnets and cards were handed out.

It is always interesting to hear what concerns people in our area.  Habitat destruction and lack of consideration for our wildlife and their pathways is always a major topic.  One man was explaining how much he enjoyed watching the birds, possums and wallabies that visited his backyard.  Backing onto a forested reserve, and deciding not to put up a fence, he has an amazing array of native animals to observe.  He expressed his dismay at the fact that people choose to fence their whole property, and so miss out on so much.  I must agree that it  is much more interesting watching the local wildlife than domestic pets.  Maybe I am just a little biased on the side of our native animals!

Another lady from Yandina said that neighbours had just fenced their hectare with dog wire, closing off the normal track taken by  local kangaroos over so many past years. With this dog wire, it is difficulat for kangaroos to see the actual top of the fence so white tape needs to be added.  We get many callouts to kangaroos with legs caught in the top squares of wire. The outcome for ‘fence hangers’ is usually not good.

It surprises me that people buy acreage and without thinking of the local wildlife.   It infuriates me when people buy acreage and then indiscriminately clear trees.  After destroying  homes of birds and marsupials, the novelty of mowing grass on their rideon mower wears off.  Then they sell up and move to where they should have moved to in the first place – a small low maintenance house block or unit.

The Garden Expo and its visitors gives a new level of optimism for the coming years.  Our Community Awareness co-ordinator now has many more  bookings for presentations at schools and community organizations.

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