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WILVOS have had some interesting calls in past weeks but the one to leave one rescuer shaking her head was for a poor little baby ringtail possum in a toilet.  No,  it wasn’t in the room, it was actually in the toilet bowl.

I found it rather perplexing that the people where too scared to get the possum joey out of the toilet, but they weren’t worried about a wildlife carer having to fish around in their toilet bowl?  Should anyone else have this highly unusual scenario arise, then please, if you are frightened of the little creature, then just place in an old mat or something so the poor animal can at least climb out of the water.  This little possum is now receiving intensive care treatment at the Australian Wildlife Hospital.

There is usually some simple way that people can help the distressed wildlife.  It may be placing a blanket completely over an injured kangaroo or possum, or a box over a possum, reptile, bat or bird found on the ground.  Warm, dark and quiet is the magic recipe for any wildlife coming into care, so if some of this is done until a wildlife carer arrives, then it is a great help to the animal.

Regardless of the circumstances WILVOS are always happy that people call about wildlife, so in this case we are grateful for the call to the Hotline, and grateful to our lovely WILVO carer who rescued the animal and raced it down to the wildlife hospital.  Hopefully all  will end well.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to put the toilet lid down when not in use!

Donna Brennan  Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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