Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200

Our WILVOS hotline is never boring for our volunteers, who do a wonderful job. Often there will be a call for a bilby or a wombat. Of course, they don’t inhabit our beautiful area of Australia, but we do have so many species that it is often difficult for people to identify just what is in their back yard.

Last week I received a call for a quokka! I actually expected a bandicoot! She was a beautiful little red-necked wallaby, so muddy and dishevelled it was hard to see what was underneath it all. After a warm bath and drying off, she was a new animal, and is now happily grazing with friends of her own kind. I’m glad she wasn’t a quokka – it takes some intricate arrangements to get some wildlife back to their home territory.

Young birds are still coming into WILVOS care. Little ringtail possums seem to be orphaned so often lately, but when grouped with others of the same age they do very well and are such characters. Nevertheless, by release time they are always happy to go out into the forest in their dreys, which are made out of hanging baskets and resemble birds’ nests. They are a very family orientated species.

As always, it is thanks to the people who contact a wildlife group when they see a distressed animal. Thank you all.