Emergency Hotline: 07 5441 6200


1986 – 1987

QPWS started the process of creating WILVOs. They created the group, gave it the name, outlined the rules and responsibilities as well as defined its purpose. Excerpt from the correspondence provided by QPWS, …”service staff have tried over the years to look after all the sick, injured and orphan fauna but found they were fighting a losing battle as numbers were increasing. Of course the encroachment into habitat, increased vehicle usage on wider and wider roads and use of insecticides has contributed to the increase…..”

1993 – 1995

Meeting called by QPWS to start the process of incorporation for WILVOs. The paperwork at this point called the group Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc. for the incorporation process. This was all done by QPWS. QPWS previously used to house and pay for the wildlife rescue phone line. QPWS manned the phone during office hours and WILVOs volunteers manned it after hours. All accounts were paid for by EPA.

1995 – 2002

WILVOs became an incorporated association and worked very closely with EPA who still had the wildlife rescue phone, WILVOs assisted by manning this phone service after hours. QPWS circulated all of the active member lists to vets, other members and interested organisations. They paid for the postage of the newsletter and the QPWS copier was used for all association copying.

During this period QPWS “got sick” of the phone as some WILVOs calls came through (WILVOs do not have an office and is run by a management team and sometimes calls came through that needed to be redirected) so the phone was transferred over to WILVOs. QPWS provided service funding to pay for the phone accounts. All service money to run the association was either provided in kind or directly by QPWS via a grant to WILVOs.

2002 – Current

New management team, strategic focus. Large increase on demand on the association required a business approach to survive and meet this demand. Wildlife on the Sunshine Coast is now under extreme pressure. The Team developed a business plan with a five year window of what WILVOs had to do to achieve its purpose – to improve outcomes for native animals.

An internal audit was undertaken to determine what it actually cost to run the association bare bones. This then formed the basis of the services grant submission to EPA (now DERM – Department of Environment & Resource Management).  A release program was formulated based on the best scientific research available in the country. This formed the basis for a facilities grant application to implement this project.  An education program was developed covering all species and the cost to subsidise this program formed the basis of another grant application.

To meet the objectives of the association, a management team is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in August each year. These positions manage finance, membership, wildlife rescue phone, release, grant applications, fund raising, assets, community awareness, media, newsletter editor, animal coordinators, fauna and telephone returns entry and minute secretary.