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Springtime is a great time to decide to be a wildlife volunteer.  There are so many baby birds needing care and WILVOS are always keen to train new wildlife carers.

Often people will say, “I don’t know anything about caring for native animals.”  Well, that’s how we all started!  To me, one of the most rewarding aspects of wildlife rehabilitation is the sharing of knowledge.  Working with an experienced carer gives new WILVO members confidence to start on their journey.

One of our wildlife carers, who had not cared for very young lorikeets in the past , was given two little rainbow lorikeet eggs.  Bronwyn quickly set up one of the WILVO brooders, which are available for loan,  and waited non-too optimistically for the eggs to hatch.  One did hatch and has grown into the cutest chick.  At first it looked like a mini-martian,  but when I saw it this week it was displaying the beginnings of the beautiful blue, green and orange feathers.  Learning to care for wildlife is a joy!

Anyone interested in becoming a wildlife carer, or maybe just wanting to make some enquiries, can visit the WILVOS website and email through to our membership secretary for more information.  Some people just join WILVOS to help out on our 24 hour hotline.  Training is also given in that field, and much knowledge  is gained in this training.

All help is very welcome in these days of ever-increasing development.  Unfortunately, most of the wildlife that come into our care are a result of human impact.  Everyone can help prevent the present carnage, just  by containing domestic pets and driving with a little more care on the roads. Of course,  accidents on the road with wildlife are sometimes unavoidable.

Hopefully, WILVOS will see many interested people of all ages interested in learning to rescue, to rehabilitate and eventually to release our wildlife back into their natural environment.  Over the past almost twenty-five years WILVOS have shared their knowledge with so many people. Be one of them!

Donna Brennan  Wildlife Volunteers Assoc  Inc  (WILVOS)

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