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There is a gamut of emotions experienced in being a wildlife carer. Sorrow to see an orphaned or injured animal, happiness in watching a successful rehabilitation and finally a combination of sadness and joy in seeing wildlife released back to the wild with their own kind. Recently, I had a young, severely emaciated Kookaburra in […]

Loss of habitat

I am in total despair as I watch so much habitat around the Sunshine Coast being cleared. What a sense of loss this brings, and not only for the wildlife. It is heartbreaking, especially when there is often little or no plant life left standing. To see tree hollows among the piles of bulldozed trees […]


After the recent inclement weather, we can always expect plenty of calls on the WILVOS Hotline. Often the same scenarios arise. Birds come in sick and emaciated after eating grain which has become damp and toxic. This is another reason for not feeding wild birds. The strongest argument is that when birds congregate in large […]

Welcoming in 2016

WILVOS Hotline has provided a great service 24 hours a day over the holiday period and it has been extremely busy. I must admit I thought my phone wasn’t working on Boxing Day when I didn’t receive one call for wildlife in distress. It has been a time for quite a variety of native animals […]

Holiday Madness

brush turkey chick with a broken leg and a sugar glider killed by Christmas pets. Please, please, please – if you are buying a kitten for Christmas, build or buy the cat enclosure first. This is the responsible thing to do before the purchase of any animal. Their enclosure is their safety and security. Holiday […]