Wildlife Watch

The near extinction of the Bilby

I’m paying the price of having a week away as the spring continues to impact on our wildlife. The situation doesn’t improve as the years go by. Relentless, irresponsible habitat destruction is still allowed to continue in both urban and rural areas. When we look at wildlife that come into our care, it is just […]

The inaugural “Fur Ball” in Charleville

As I type this on my phone I am sitting at the Toowoomba railway station ready to set off on the Dawnie Express on its next leg of the steam train journey to Roma. The final destination is Charleville. The inaugural “Fur Ball” will be held there. This fundraiser will hopefully help our exquisite native […]

The Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference

After nearly two weeks tramping around Melbourne, it is a bit of a culture shock to return home. Little Swamp Wallaby Piccallili was returned to me soon after I arrived and it was a delight to see the mischievous little fellow. Having had him since he was a furless joey with a fractured leg and […]

To manage animals, think like the animals

Years ago someone gave me an interesting book on cows. I thought of this recently when I had a call about a bird trapped in an old building with very high ceilings. The book had said that to manage cows one had to think like a cow. How true that was! How true it is […]

Exquisite little animals

The storms and cold weather brought in an influx of little Feathertail Gliders over the last week. It is difficult to survive the elements when so tiny. Each day a call would come from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital or the Eumundi RSPCA Wildlife Centre. Oops! Just as I type this there is another ‘Feathertail […]