Wildlife Watch

Echidnas, an incredible species of wildlife

The cooler weather means that more echidnas are now being seen on the roads and in the back yard. Winter time is their breeding time which means they are on the move. The female may be seen followed by an echidna ‘train’, which is a line of males in hot pursuit. Exhaustion, or other distractions, […]

Gather foliage for possums each afternoon

It is that time of year again when the WILVOS hotline 5441 6200 is at its busiest in the late afternoon. Our wildlife that begins to move about at dusk suddenly finds increased traffic to contend with. Approaching darkness coincides with the time that workers are heading home. The down side of the lovely cool […]

A donation to the Save the Bilby Fund

Our thoughts have been with those who have suffered from the intensity of Cyclone Debbie. Such a large-scale disaster effects so many. I was one of the lucky ones with power off only for two short stints. My phone was out for four days but I could drive down the road a few kilometres and […]

No vegetation changes at Shelly Beach

It was great news to hear that vegetation at Shelly Beach won’t be altered. I shake my head at how this proposal could even be considered. Improve someone’s view at the expense of such a truly majestic but critically endangered animal? Cold, hard facts have been quoted from eminent scientists, but if the facts don’t […]

A bundle of happy energy

Our WILVOS hotline is never boring for our volunteers, who do a wonderful job. Often there will be a call for a bilby or a wombat. Of course, they don’t inhabit our beautiful area of Australia, but we do have so many species that it is often difficult for people to identify just what is […]