Wildlife Watch

Environmental devastation

Sometimes I have these incredible feelings of despair as I drive around the Sunshine Coast area.  There is just so much clearing of vegetation under way. This week, on the way to the Australian Wildlife Hospital at Beerwah, there were huge tracts of forest cleared along the highway. Huge piles of mulch were all that […]

Best Scenario for Chicks

What a hot dry spell.  I was lucky enough to get 50ml in the last storm which half-filled my rainwater tanks , so the water can quench the thirst of  my native garden and wildlife that are feeling the heat stress also.  It is lovely to watch the birds bathing in the bird baths.  Even […]

Rabies and Australian Bat Lyssavirus

Rabies and Australian bat lyssavirus Members noted the evidence indicating that rabies virus can remain viable in a dead animal for several days. ATAGI endorsed minor changes to the rabies chapter for the 2017 update of the Handbook to reflect a risk assessment approach to rabies post-exposure prophylaxis after handling dead animals. Members noted the […]

Become a Wildlife Carer Today

Springtime is a great time to decide to be a wildlife volunteer.  There are so many baby birds needing care and WILVOS are always keen to train new wildlife carers. Often people will say, “I don’t know anything about caring for native animals.”  Well, that’s how we all started!  To me, one of the most […]

Come and learn about the importance of maintaining trees in our suburbs

Trees are invaluable. Trees provide habitat for our wildlife, including birds and iconic threatened species such as koala. They give shade to cool us down and protect us from increasing heat waves, and encourage active lifestyles. With increasing development, greater densification of our urban areas and regional developments, trees are under threat and quickly diminishing. […]