Wildlife Watch

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!

Our WILVO volunteers handling the 5441 6200 hotline have been kept busy with the severe weather lately.  I wonder that all the little birds aren’t washed out of the trees in the heavy downpours.  There have been numerous bedraggled, wet animals arriving into care.  Erratic as the weather has been, the wet weather was followed […]

Queensland State Elections Are Over

By the time this goes to print the elections will be over and we can  sit back and try to be optimistic.  I would really like to think that foreign mining companies and deforestation will not further destroy Queensland over the coming years.  Is it too much to hope for that habitat could be retained […]

Wheelie Bin Stickers For Sale

Please save some habitat for our wildlife!

As our environment is vandalized and habitat destroyed, I am just mesmerized by the antics of our Australian federal politicians.  For months we have had our intelligence insulted by procrastination over diversionary tactics such as  the citizenship of politicians or who marries who.  Really, in the overall scheme of things in Australia, who cares?  Can’t […]

Wildlife carers needed especially along the coastal strip.

Our weather just isn’t kind to our wildlife at the moment.  It’s either too cold, too hot, too dry, too wet, or too windy! It has made that baby bird season a tough struggle for the chicks. WILVOS are really looking for new wildlife carers at the moment.  The more people who can learn to […]