Wildlife Watch

Become a Wildlife Carer Today

Springtime is a great time to decide to be a wildlife volunteer.  There are so many baby birds needing care and WILVOS are always keen to train new wildlife carers. Often people will say, “I don’t know anything about caring for native animals.”  Well, that’s how we all started!  To me, one of the most […]

Come and learn about the importance of maintaining trees in our suburbs

Trees are invaluable. Trees provide habitat for our wildlife, including birds and iconic threatened species such as koala. They give shade to cool us down and protect us from increasing heat waves, and encourage active lifestyles. With increasing development, greater densification of our urban areas and regional developments, trees are under threat and quickly diminishing. […]

Sanctuaries for Wildlife.

No matter where one travels, habitat destruction is ever-present.  I find it incomprehensible that bushland, in fact any habitat,  can continue to be demolished with no thought of consequences.  It is just so ludicrous to clear large tracts of land and then give the suburbs ridiculous names such as ‘something forest’ or  ‘something sanctuary’.  Do […]

Outback Donna

As I sat in my ‘comfy’ armchair seat on the train to Longreach, I remembered just how much I love Australia’s outback.  I am always in awe of our incredible country.  I could sit most of the day looking out the train window, which is actually what I did!  Only the delicious food in the […]

The Highs and Lows of Wildlife Care

Some days can be a little depressing for wildlife carers, but other days are just uplifting. Often there are no outward signs of damage done to the wildlife, and even xrays don’t always show the full extent of injury. Nevertheless, to know that an animal has received pain relief also helps sustain the carer during […]