Wildlife Watch


WILVOS  are proud of the fact that they have been operating as an incorporated body for 25 years on the 15th December 2018. Prior to this they were operating under the umbrella of the  Queensland National Parks department. It is overwhelming to think of the numbers of wildlife that have been rehabilitated and  saved from  […]

Give our wildlife some space!

I do feel sorry for our wildlife on the Sunshine Coast.  They have a continual battle against humans and habitat destruction. When incidents do occur between humans and wildlife it is difficult to find out the true facts of the matter.  Recently we read about the kangaroo that attacked the golfers head, inflicting a 5 […]

One Happy Bush Stone-Curlew Chick

It is always inspiring to see workers, who are  involved in the land  development side, take an active interest in our native wildlife.  It must be distressing to see bulldozers at work and be helpless to do anything in many situations.  WILVOS hotline often receives calls for advice or rescue in such situations and it […]

Every tree counts!

Firstly, here on the Sunshine Coast we should be grateful for our great medical facilities.  I have had considerable contact with the Buderim Private Hospital in the last week and the staff, the service and the food provided just has to be commended. It was rather unusual to be in  a human medical environment.  It […]

Please consider our native animals in the busy holiday season.

The Christmas/New Year break can be a worrying time for native animal carers. Hopefully, wildlife carers across Australia have not had too many more patients with the increased number of cars on the road over the holidays,  along with more abandoned , or just plain neglected, domestic animals roaming around Holiday time often means more […]