Join Us

You do not have to get actively involved to become a member of WILVOS. You can join us as a Friend of WILVOS and receive our newsletters with information and updates on native wildlife issues and our work in the field, as well as the opportunity to join us on our wildlife workshops held throughout the year.

However, if you are keen to help out, you can opt to become a Wildlife Carer or undertake one of our many Volunteer opportunities.

Become a WILVOS Member

  • WILVOS membership costs $20 per financial year; which covers your rescue permit, and includes our quarterly newsletter Wildlife Whisperings and free access to our training workshops.
  • WILVOS membership is a family membership; which includes all children in the family under the age of eighteen.
  • WILVOS do encourage Junior members as they are the future carers and protectors of our wildlife. An adult would, however, need to be prepared to take phone calls, train and volunteer along with the Junior member in caring for the native wildlife.

To become a WILVOS member, please begin by downloading and completing our membership application form:

and send it to Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc, PO Box 4805, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre 4560.


There are a number of ways in which members can volunteer with us that are vital to the successful operation of WILVOS:

  • Man our 24/7 hotline
  • Rescue distressed wildlife
  • Foster care of injured or orphaned wildlife
  • Pickup and transportation of wildlife to vets or carers
  • Release of rehabilitated wildlife
  • Assist with fundraising, workshops, preparation of newsletters and community awareness

Training & Support

WILVOS aim to provide our members with the best knowledge, training and support possible to ensure quality outcomes for native wildlife. A wide range of workshops and activities promoting wildlife and conservation of the environment are held throughout the year, and we encourage all members to attend these.

If you would like to help manning WILVOS’ 24/7 Hotline, training sessions are provided on a regular basis. One-on-one sessions are also organised when requested.

If you would like become an active wildlife carer, the Department of Environment and Heritage protection (EHP) requires that you attend an orientation session. It is also compulsory to attend a workshop new carers: which covers basic rescue techniques, basic first aid and basic care for injured and orphaned wildlife in the first 24 hours.

Induction Workshops

WILVOS’ Induction Workshop; which is a combined orientation and new carer workshop, is designed to inform prospective new members of their rights and responsibilities as wildlife carers as well as providing an understanding of the management of the native fauna that live on the Sunshine Coast.

For upcoming Induction Workshops view our EVENTS page.