Outback Donna

As I sat in my ‘comfy’ armchair seat on the train to Longreach, I remembered just how much I love Australia’s outback.  I am always in awe of our incredible country.  I could sit most of the day looking out the train window, which is actually what I did!  Only the delicious food in the Tucker Box dining carriage enticed me out of my sleeper cave on the Spirit of the Outback train.

The country has a beauty of its own, far away from the chaos of the city. Yandina is not exactly city, but I like to visit a place where animals outnumber people!  Drought has taken its toll as livestock numbers are low.  Property owners can’t afford to restock with the present high livestock prices.

It is another reason I choose to visit outback Australia for holidays. These people need our support and our holiday dollars. If you haven’t been to Longreach, I strongly recommend it and definitely do everything there is to do – the river cruise, (the paddle steamer came from Yandina!),  the tent show, the stagecoach ride, the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, station visits and the Qantas Museum.  Five days wasn’t enough.   I needed the train trip home to have a rest day!

I did miss my adorable kangaroo joeys.  Having had them governing my life since they were furless little joeys with their eyes closed, back at the end of March, it was a shock to the system to be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour on the train, and sleep right through.   Nevertheless, Harvey and Jo Jo are enjoying their new abode with more friends to lie around the paddock with!

I must apologise to the lady in Buderim who wrote asking how to deter a resident possum from eating her fruit and vegetables in the garden.  Our secretary was away so I just received the letter before I left. Because the possum had to relocate during renovations, maybe a nest box placed up in trees on the property boundary may encourage him/her away from the house and garden.

If netting is used then it has to be suitable netting pulled taut over supports, to prevent entanglement of many creatures. Arches of polypipe, anchored over steel pickets, and covered with chicken wire can make an aesthetic tunnel covering for a vegetable garden.

Donna Brennan
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The Highs and Lows of Wildlife Care

Some days can be a little depressing for wildlife carers, but other days are just uplifting. Often there are no outward signs of damage done to the wildlife, and even xrays don’t always show the full extent of injury. Nevertheless, to know that an animal has received pain relief also helps sustain the carer during the rehabilitation process. No animal should have to suffer unnecessary pain.

This week, my local Yandina vet surgery rang to say a pigeon had been brought into them, after it had flown into a window. The rescuer said that the bird had hit the window hard and was then unable to fly. He was able to catch it as it walked across his yard. What a nice man!

It was a beautiful young healthy white-headed pigeon. No injuries were found, but he was very sedate and needed care until strength was regained. I was actually a little concerned on whether the poor stunned bird would survive the night.

The next morning saw a much brighter bird, so I instantly felt brighter too! Some mornings we can feel very apprehensive when checking our wildlife if they haven’t been 100% the night before.

After his two days rest and recuperation, and flight tests, I drove this bird out to his home address. He immediately flew up and away, and then circled back to land in a tall tree nearby. It was a joy to see. If the bird had been left on the ground he would have been very prone to predation and may not have survived. Thank you to his rescuer. These days make it all worthwhile.

Donna Brennan – Wildlife Volunteers Assoc Inc. (WILVOS)

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