WILVOS (Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc.)

Australia’s wildlife has experienced enormous habitat loss and destruction over the past 30 years in order to make way for development to house our growing communities. Recognising the damaging impact the continually expanding urban development has on our native fauna, WILVOS has provided rescue and rehabilitation services to native fauna of the Sunshine Coast since 1995.

WILVOS is purely a volunteer organisation and our members are involved in one or more of a variety of activities: rescue and/or care and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wildlife, operating our 24/7 Hotline, fundraising, community awareness in schools and community groups as well as on exhibitions throughout the year.

WILVOS Hotline is operated 24/7 – 365 days of the year – to provide assistance to injured or orphaned native wildlife, and we have carers experienced in the care and rehabilitation of birds, possums, gliders, kangaroos and wallabies, reptiles, and bats. We work together with a network of local vets, as well as individuals and organisations specialising in rescuing and rehabilitating species less frequently reported to our Hotline – like snakes and koalas.

Sick, injured or orphaned wildlife

All native animals are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. You need a permit, licence or authority to take, buy, sell or keep most protected animals.